Cupbuzz is a new generation advertising company.In today’s competative world marketing your brand in the right way and reaching to the right audience can be little tricky.The major focus in the process of marketing is tobuild a brand imageand then leaving a mark in the minds of your target audience.Many advertising firms and agencies will charge you hefty fees to get you an advertising slot in their platforms. But truth be told, can your business really afford to sustain such marketing? Cupbuzz on the other hand, tend to be quite affordable and can be gotten in bits asthe  needed arises.Our Mantra is spend less and get benifitted more.As we all know tea cups is majorly used prop in the Indian market as more than 50% Indians are fond of tea and is something that they relish the most.We utilise this fact and print the brand and its desired message on the cups and distributes to the right audience.

Tea Cup Advertising: Tea cup advertising is a new way of cutting through the clutter of conventional advertising with more exposure time and connectivity between the consumer and the brand.

Why Papercup Advertising

Brand Exposure

Cupbuzz delivers customer engagement with an average tea consumption time of 7 to 10 minutes. During this time 6 other people will see the advertised cup – maximising brand exposure.

Engagement Point

Cupbuzz provides an ideal engagement point to your marketing messages.We are working with multiple tea vendors across the city.

Target Audience

We are far more effective outdoor advertisement media to get your brand or product message reach your target customers,We segments your target customer into age group,gender etc.

Brand Campaign

A brand campaign has the purpose of developing a brand with the aid of communication. It is the part of Brand management that is visible to the consumer (“branding”). The main goal of a brand campaign is to differentiate the own product of those proffered by the competition or to differentiate the own company from its competitors. Behind all this is the insight that a brand has a higher value of recognition and that the consumer connects certain attributes, features and achievements with it.

Brand campaigning through Cupbuzz gives sparking positioning to companies. No doubt, it is merging new media to reach to target group in very cost effective way.

Cupbuzz place an effective way to acquire customers, sustaining brand image. Targeted audiences can be easily approached through Cupbuzz campaigning program.

Considering the valuable distraction the design in the cups can offer, your product/services is quite certain to an eye.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation is an art of bringing the brand to the life by designing various innovative experience that drive consumer action.

It is one of the best processes to make the brand known to the market the target audiences consulting in an increased awareness customer engagement.

Marketing Activation or Brand Activation is the execution of the marketing mix as part of the marketing process.

Benefits of Brand Activation

– You can convey your positioning using brand activation.

– It supports you ad claim if used carefully.

– Distortion is minimum in this case.

– It increases your brand salience.

– Helps in revitalizing a brand.

– Brand activation can elicit customer insights as people interact with the brand.