Promoting a brand through Cupbuzz can be very helpful as:-

  • your brand message literally goes right in the hands of your targeted customers.
  • Tea drinking is a social habit that triggers discussion and engagement.
  • Involves low cost on each view in comparison to other advertising mediums.
  • your targeted audience can pay attention for a longer period of time towards the message written on cups as it’s just a few centimeters away from them.

Custom paper cups facilitates increased Views

  • With a single branded paper cup, you can reach hundreds of potential customers and from all walks of life. The fact that it is a mobile mini-billboard that has been certified makes this fact possible. The cost per every view of the ad or branding, therefore, drops like a canon ball.

Custom paper cups provide assurance

  • With many other marketing platforms and techniques, you will have to take into consideration the time the advert is played so that you can get to your target market lest you miss them, and you end up paying thousands of dollars for little results. With paper cups, however, you are assured that when you hand them over to individuals, and the worst comes to the worst, you will have a single audience for your branding ad. But given the fact that humans are naturally social, the paper cup will be viewed by hundreds of people.

Custom Paper cups provide simplicity

  • As a potential customer, the number one annoying fact with regards to marketing is the pressure they put on you. They try and push a product onto you without stopping to think whether you would want it or not. They do not seek to serve you but rather make a sale. They treat customers as though they were prizes to be won over. Well, while they might be prizes to some extent, they do need to be shown let alone treated as such.Branded paper cups have a simple and subtle way of getting the point across. They let the mind of the customer do all the work to push him/her into making a purchase.

Custom paper cups can be integrated with other Marketing platforms

  • The thing with paper cup branding, a fact makes it perfect for all kinds of businesses, both big and small is the fact that it can be used to integrate other marketing options by the use of QR codes and other new technologies.